Friday, June 15, 2007

Taking a Break

Well, I've taken 6 days off from running due to a pesky bout with plantar fasciitis. Lots of emotions come into play here-guilt, remorse, frustration, to name a few. I've substituted my running with hours of spinning on a stationary bicycle at the gym. I feel good mentally. Today I am happy. I've also done something that may come as a surprise to others. I've taken a break from visiting my mother. No, not 6 days, just 2, and I feel the same sense of guilt, remorse, and frustration. Yet, I am happy today. I think sometimes we need a break from the things or the people we love when we are hurting. My foot hurts. My heart hurts to see my beautiful mother with stubble on her chin. I ran today, and it was great, but my foot still hurts. I will see mom tomorrow, and my heart will hurt. But today I am happy.

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RunJulieRun said...

I think WW inserts spaces in the URLS if we put them in our siggy! I've seen this with other people's blogs too.

I think you are wonderful and I enjoy knowing you.